We are doing this for free. We are giving it away.
It is our radical act – our revolutionary gift
not a poor theatre – but a priceless one

We played and lost in the great fixed game
smashed our heads on the glass ceiling
fell hard for the long con called merit
wrote grants on three card monte
got hooked, and strung out on M.F.A.
a generation of debt junkies, we chased our angry fix
and ended in the towers hung from a tie – or emigrated
in trust funds you trust – not us

the not-for-profit system is a relic of slavery

What AIDS started, gentrification is finishing

but not just yet!!!
we will act in the half bleached streets
of our dear, lost downtown
joyful heretics dancing at the stake –
not for sale, not a product, not for sale, not a product
sugar plum fairies who gave it all away

We challenge you great Moloch – to a downtown dustup!
we fought over your crumbs, whored in your casino,
stabbed each other in the face – oh how many times!
to remake ourselves in your image,
staged zombie theatre for zombie audiences
as knights of the living dead
then we danced the hustle, becoming what we do

No More! One last time! Fix flowers! Over the top now boys and girls!
We are fertilizer bombs! Intrinsic values tattooed on our tongues!
The quick! The immortal in the moment!
Now into the breach! Molotovs in the Marketplace!
none of your Fucking Business~!!

Public Arts! Public Culture! Public Sacrifice! Public Good!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
for sweet, sublime, dirty, creative, stinking,
fecund, poor, priceless, dangerous, immigrant, sexy,
ethnic, sacred, queer, New York!