Christine Witmer & Nora Woolley

Selling Splitsville
Written by: Christine Witmer & Nora Woolley
Directed by: Raquel Cion
Performed by: Christine Witmer & Nora Woolley

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Divorce is fun.  At least it is when you have the right accessories.  Join Kath and Cheryl Marissa, two hosts of TV’s Instant Shopping Now! as they sell sell sell items from their favorite company, Splitsville: Speciality Products for Divorced Families. Go from denial to acceptance in three easy installments of $19.99.

About the Company
Christine Witmer and Nora Woolley have collaborated on film and theatre projects since 2005. The duo is committed to exploring risky storytelling in order to create works that move beyond ‘comfortable’. Their first play Are We There Yet? premiered in 2007 at Singapore’s Initiation International Theatre Festival. They conceived of and filmed Selling Splitsville as a series of webisodes before adapting it for the stage. Witmer and Woolley are two-thirds of the comic writing trio, Altinas, currently at work on a television pilot.

Project History
Originally conceived of and filmed as a webisode series, this dark comedy rips the proverbial band-aid off of divorce in America by focusing on the unspoken personal and financial impact it has on families. An excerpt of Selling Splitsville was performed at the Brick Theatre’s Antidepressant Festival in June 2009.

This show ran July 11 at 7:30, July 12, 18 & 19 at 5:30pm, 2009