2008 undergroundzero

The 2008 undergroundzero was presented at Collective:Unconscious.

Artistic Director:
Paul Bargetto
Executive Producer:
Caterina Bartha and Collective:Unconscious
General Manager:
R. Justin Hunt
Jennifer Conley Darling
Technical Director:
Raven Solano
Volunteer Coordinators:
Ia Topuria and Zhen Heineman
Graphic Design:
Christy Briggs

The Productions

The Apocalypse of John the Rabbit
Written and Directed by Freddi Price
Presented by East River Commedia

Charlie Victor Romeo
Directed by Patrick Daniels and Irving Gregory

Clown Axioms and the Bitter Poet: A Double Bill of New Works
Clown Axioms created and directed by Kendall Cornell
The Bitter Poet has been described as, “high energy…a quirky figure who demands attention, and not just because he is prone to scream at the top of his lungs, rip off his shirt and move like a poster boy for Saint Vitus dance.”

The Event
Written and Directed by John Clancy

Feeder: A Love Story
Written by James Carter; Directed by David Anzuelo

Infanta: User’s Guide
Written by Saviana Stanescu; Directed by Vasile Nedelcu

Nigromatia: A Slight Return
Written by Don Nigro; Directed by John Clancy & Nancy Walsh

Pinchbottom Declares War (Or, Full Frontal Jacket)
Written by Jonny Porkpie

Pray, Mantid
Written by Steven Gaultney; Directed by Onur Karaoglu

The Proposal Based on an Old Farce
Reconstituted by Seth Powers; Directed by Daniel Irizarry

Tales From Bordertown
Conceived, Written, Directed and Performed by Eric Dean Scott

The Terrible Temptation to Do Good: A Brechtian Lounge Act
Adapted by Ramona Mosse; Created by Performance Lab 115