Coffee Cup

Written by:: Delaney Britt Brewer
Directed by: Brad Krumholz
Performed by: Ishah Janssen-Faith Rob O’Hare Ike Ufomadu
Set Design: Eliza Brown Lighting: Peter Hoerburger Composer: Mitchell Yoshida Graphic Design: Lisa Maione Technical Director: Brian Carfi

A man named Peter finds himself without a memory on a lone subway car. Awakened, Peter’s past is conjured by two seemingly innocuous passengers who begin to unravel with him. We Are Being Held  takes place on a subway, yet there is rarely mention of that. It is firmly rooted in the numerous, minute and momentary connections that pass between us en route, but it is not confined within the walls of a train. We join peter on this ride.  We are all passengers.  We are being held.

Coffee Cup is a collective that creates original, actor-driven theatre. We aim to shine a humane and humorous light on the small, everyday relationships and interactions which define so much of our lives, and yet are so often taken for granted. We formed in 2004 to create our first show TURNING TABLES, which debuted at Collective:Unconscious in the fall of 2006. Buoyed by a successful run, we ventured on to create our second original show, STANDING CLEAR, which ran for 4 weeks in the Spring of 2008. For each show, we start afresh with a new team and a new seed idea.