East River Commedia

The Jamal Lullabies

Written by:: Emily Conbere
Directed by: Paul Bargetto
Performed by: Bekah Coulter, Debbie Friedman, Nicole Stefonek, Kristina Teschner
Derek Wright – Lighting Designer

The Jamal Lullabies
The Jamal Lullabies is a musical tribute and lament written and scored by Emily Conbere and directed by Paul Bargetto. In the piece four young, white women sing about Jamal, a “beloved gang member, a soft spoken lover, and a beautiful tired out addict” who was killed at a gang shooting during a party. As the women unfold their stories it becomes clear that each of them loved him in profound ways that altered the course of their lives.

July 8 at 9pm, July 9 at 7pm, July 10 at 9pm, July 11 at 7pm