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Broke Wide Open (Staged Reading)
Written & Performed by Rock Wilk, Directed by Tamilla Woodard

A young man’s search for his biological mother takes the form of a multimedia performance exploring lost and recovered identity.

“Wilk is the Muhammad Ali of hip hop and spoken word…floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee.” Michael Raysses, NPR

Marriage of Convenience (Staged Reading)
Written & Directed by Ian Rowlands, Wales
Performed by Christian Conn

A stunning monologue by one of Wales’ leading dramatists about a family’s whereabouts on the day Prince Charles married Diana encapsulates Wales’ complex relationship to its historic oppressor.

“Rowlands creates moments of great theatre: emotional, poetic, dangerous.”

Polanski (Staged Reading)
Written by Saviana Stanescu, Directed by Tamilla Woodard, Produced & Performed by Grant Neale

Famed film director Roman Polanski interrogates himself at his Swiss chalet in the small hours of the morning – confronting his past and greatly narrowed existence in the wake of his recent indictment.

“(Neale is) a physical comedian on par with Bill Irwin” Daily News