Wax Factory

Tales from Bordertown (prologue)

Written by:: Eric Dean Scott
Directed by: Erika Latta
Performed by: Eric Dean Scott
Producer: WaxFactory and Eric Dean Scott

Let’s get lost. Performing in the oral tradition of the epic poets downtown New York performer Eric Dean Scott follows a trail of dreams, mystic poetry, jazz recollection (and loss) through South American border towns, the lost Road east, Dylan tapes forgotten, and vanished New Orleans – taking us on a race for the River along the razor’s edge…past shore, past time, past place….where we find ourselves in bordertown. Again.

WaxFactory is an international group of artists dedicated to exploring a multiplicity of theatrical visions. Since its formation in 1998, WaxFactory has emerged as one of the most internationally active multidisciplinary groups to emerge from the New York downtown scene, creating new performance, installation, film and video works featuring a highly innovative blend of physical performance, audio-visual, architectural and fashion design, and an integrated use of the new media and technology. In addition to site-specific works created for a variety of unconventional locations, they have recently presented their work at such renowned international venues and festivals such as the ICA/Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, UK), the Gulbenkian Museum (Lisbon, Portugal), SommerSzene (Salzburg, Austria), OLTRE90 (Milan, Italy), MESS (Sarajevo, Bosnia), Exodos Festival, Ex Ponto Festival and Cankarjev dom (Ljubljana, Slovenia), and Karantena Festival, Zadar Snova, Split Summer Festival and ITD Theatre in Croatia, among others.

At the urging of Paul Bargetto, Eric Dean Scott wrote the original tales from bordertown (vol. II) to be performed in the undergroundzero festival 2008. Originally meant only to be a 20-minute beat poetry performance, it transformed in the making to become a full-length storytelling performance that began to explore the themes of: borders, content-wise; and stylistically, the oral tradition. The performance was directed by WaxFactory artistic co-director Erika Latta and was awarded Best Production of the Festival. It has since been performed in the Paradise Theater (NYC) and at the infamous alternative arts squat Metelkova in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Rewritten for this year’s undergroundzero festival, tales from bordertown (prologue) continues to transform into a deeper exploration of the oral tradition employed by epic poets.