Hoi Polloi

Written by:: Alec Duffy
Directed by: Alec Duffy
Performed by: Performer: Jordan Coughtry Musicians: Eugene Rohrer, Ryan Andes
Scenic Designer: Mimi Lien Costume Design: Jessica Pabst Lighting Design: Miranda Hardy

Hoi Polloi Artistic Director Alec Duffy probes his father’s lifelong obsession with Schubert’s late masterwork, the “Winterreise” song cycle.  With the help of a pianist and singer, Duffy explores the songs of the work and strives to unlock the mystery of why the piece held his father, and so many others, in thrall.  Deeply personal but also highly entertaining, “Winter Journey” offers a fresh take on the tradition of the “confessional monologue,” with Duffy leading the audience down lush and unexpected pathways.

Hoi Polloi is a New York-based collaborative theater company formed in 2007 by director Alec Duffy. The company creates original work that strives to explore how we, as Americans, come together and how we fall apart. Hoi Polloi is also dedicated to presenting the work of the most imaginative of today’s playwrights.