The undergroundzero festival is an international laboratory, cooperative, and platform for independent artists in the fields of theatre, dance and live arts. It was founded in 2007 by Artistic Director Paul Bargetto and has been presented in numerous venues in New York City including Collective:Unconscious, Performance Space 122, Manhattan Children’s Theater, The Flea, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center and the Living Theatre.

Many artists and companies have been presented at the festival including Conni’s Avant Garde Restaurant, East River Commedia, Hoi Polloi, Daniel Irizarry & Laura Butler Rivera, Shige Moriya & Ximena Garnica/Leimay, Jill A Samuels, Shannon Sindelar, The Living Theatre, Performance Lab 115, Saviana Stanescu, Cinty Ionescu, Tribeca Lab, Ida Daniel, Stefan Peca, Hobo Arts Warsaw, Patrick Flynn, The Assembly, B-Floor, Doris Mirescu, Leigh Evans, Aztec Economy, Pinchbottom Burlesque, Anna Brenner, Penny Jackson, Pamela Jackson, Rock Wilk, Dawn Saito, Cecilia Copeland, José Zayas, Anna Brenner, Mercedes Murphy, Shoshona Currier, David Barlow, Jeff Grow, terraNOVA Collective, Green Hours Theater, axis ballymun, Compagnia Lafabbrica, Theater Bielefeld, The Flying Machine, Josh Fox, Wolf 359, Michael Yates Crowley, Caleb Hammond, Charlie Victor Romeo, John Clancy, Fredi Price, Clowns Ex Machina, Eric Dean Scott, Eliza Bent, Gillian Chadsey, Harrison Rivers, Leah Gelpe, Stolen Chair, Emily Conbere, Josh Koeningsberg, The South Wing, Blessed Unrest, Coffee Cup (a theatre co.), NU Classic Theater, Daniel Irizarri, Jack Ferver, WAX Factory, Columbia University School of the Arts, and Richard Maxwell.