common ground 2010

The 2010 undergroundzero festival initiated a new program called common ground.  Artists from the festival were invited to be interviewed in front of a live audience by festival host Saviana Stanescu and Artistic Director Paul Bargetto.  Saviana began the festival with an incantation and then did live tarot readings of each of the festival artists.  In 2012, common ground events will be broadcasted live on the internet.

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Here is Saviana’s Incantation:

When Pigs Fly

– an incantation by Saviana Stanescu –

Wenn Schweine fliegen könnten

Quando gli asini voleranno

Cuando las vacas vuelen

“Cand or zbura porcii”

When pigs fly


and play

on playgroundzero

and talk

on commondground

and party


“there must be something


about those pigs”

God of Experimental Theatre says

and decides

to spend his/her/its week


no, not another world

but a new Tarot card:

The Flying Pig

a mutant

a combo

a mix

between The Magician – the one

who makes something

out of nothing,

The Fool – who acts without thinking,

The Star – direct connection to the Spirit,

The Hanged Man – a sacrifice is needed

The Hierophant – of course, The Artist!

The Lovers – girlfriends, boyfriends, sponsors

The Tower – revolution!

and The World – the welcoming Universe

have all put hands, brains and souls together

to give birth to the Flying Pig

The one who soars

The one who roars

The one who tickles

and touches

people’s hearts with a gaze

a gesture

a word

an idea


Bless the Flying Pig

and hitch your wagon to its wings

it promises to be

a MAGIC ride

and it’s not gonna happen again

until next year

when another pig will dream

it has wings

(and here we all know

that dreams are the stuff

we are made of)

so don’t be shy


even a pig

can do it!