The South Wing


Written by:: Yukio Mishima adapted by Ivana Catanese

Directed by: Kameron Steele
Performed by: Gillian Chadsey, Craig Dolezel, Catherine Friesen, Nathan Guisinger, Sophie Nimmannit, Kristine Lee, Harold German, Rachael Richman and Brian Nishii

Producer: The South Wing

Music: Marc Appart Lighting Design: Nathan Guisinger Costume Design: Ardith Ibañez Set Design: Mariano Marquez Sound Design: Jimmy Garver

A new adaptation of Yukio Mishima’s modern Noh play, “The Lady Aoi”, TSW distills the 1950’s shingeki naturalism of the original text with their own brand of nouveau expressionism to expose the extremely conflicted nature of Mishima’s psyche.

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“A remarkable young company determined to carve a niche for itself in 21st century avant-garde theater.” – Frank Episale, Off-off online (for DiVL!) A tale of passion that survives the grave, when nothing is left but an empty desire to possess and destroy. (60 Minutes)

Since 2003, The South Wing (TSW) has endeavored to create theatre which embraces the challenges that language, culture, genre and tradition present to 21st century global society. TSW’s viscerally engaging performances are generated via the shared vocal and movement “grammar” which the company continues to develop through their vigorous training laboratory. As the TSW style continues to take shape, the company’s goal remains to be the creation of stories that appeal to poetical, political, intellectual and bawdy tastes alike, ultimately offering an opportunity for the audience to imagine the human experience in a new perspective.