Dangerous Ground

From Dawn till Night (The Earth is Uninhabitable Like the Moon)
Directed by Doris Mirescu & Produced by Dangerous Ground Productions (winner of the 2009 undergroundzero “Best Production” Award)

In this apocalyptical tale of identity, love and death, a man woman reevaluates his her place in the world as the past closes in and the quest for humanity becomes increasingly difficult. Dangerous Ground’s third multimedia Fassbinder adaptation, based on the 1978 film In A Year With 13 Moons.

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“A theatrical experience unlike any other… unconventional format, engaging stories and striking performances….” E. Michael Lockley, NYTheatre.com Wed July 21 & 23 @ 9pm, July 22 @ 7pm, July 24 & 25 @ 5pm – Upstairs Venue